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Friday, April 29, 2011

Playback: Beck

Beck Sessions– we all have 'em. And if you don't, well then maybe you should. Girls, he's more than a head of baby-blond locks with astute producing skills. He is a man of many suits, both figuratively and literally, and I find myself piecing through Beck's library more and more for a taste of something good. It is of spectrum and always a little bizarre.

Old stuff demonstrates a singular take on 90's stoner-grunge. Loser, Where it's At, Devil's Haircut are the hits, but oh, there is so much more. How this low-key speed-talker bridged his own eccentrics with popular culture without faltering is a mystery to me. Experimental blips, country twang, electro-robotic sorts, acoustic, melodic and cinematic backdrops are all threaded throughout the 20-ish years of music making.

Above– "Beercan", an oldie and a personal fave, is a fair anecdote for a Friday. So shake your boots and let it all get loose. (It's all about the instant lamp-trash 00:12 seconds in.)

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