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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Antlers: Burst Apart

 An alloy of sifting psychedelics, The Antlers' new album, Burst Apart, has had me highjacked for the last week. It's the ideal follow-up to 2009's Hospice with a trip of new tracks to define post-rock. ('n roll) Instrumentals are textured and interchanging with airy, prolific themes as the constant. The band's ability to flow from subdued to the sharp and rifting demonstrates technical prowess that borders along poetic. Carefully pieced but seamlessly played, it's a collection for more than a few listens– the jazz-ingested Tip-Toe; hints of a 50's love song in Putting the Dog to Sleep; No Windows' stark vocals Burst Apart has an overall candour that works. The Antlers secure themselves as purveyors of the soundscape and otherworldly, and this release can only promise happy hazes for day'zz.

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