Life as Art & Curiousity


 My name is Laura. I'm a writer with a heart for culture and its conversations.

I will always be inspired by cool ladies and a good story. Kim Gordon on a guitar; Sontag in fiction and wisdom; the appropriately smug Fran Lebowitz; Patti Smith's poetic flow; Siri Hustvedt in her Plea for Eros; Anna Karina with a bob and a smoke; Gustave Flaubert as Jane Bovary; Salinger's Franny; Sylvia with her head in the oven. It's beauty at its best. (Well, maybe excluding the head in the oven.)

I've contributed to publications such as Tough Crowd Magazine, Halifax Magazine, and The Coast, and am always looking for new opportunities. My love for writing has been with me since I can remember, but it wasn't until finishing a university degree and 2 years of fine arts and design that I began to toy with it on a professional level. Working at Yelp for 9 months awakened some creative flow, as I trawled Halifax in search of the best spots in retail, resto, and generally thriving. Some freelance projects followed, and I now find myself in Toronto to venture onwards.

Music, film, art, style and the literary are worth noting, with the stories and connections they entail. This is gravity for me, almost always with a head-scarf and a warm cup of tea. Thanks for stopping by.


Laura P