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Monday, April 18, 2011


As cute girls in maxi dresses grace the internet via Coachella coverage, Toronto composes itself after a few minor slips of snowfall. Fleeting, we'll say– yet balmy shots of summer aesthetic and sound make the work week a tough pill to swallow. It's been noted: the daily dose of sunshine is best found in ways other than a glaring desktop device.

The Osheaga line-up is a proper [Canadiana] fix, but until then there's a trail of live music to set stride. (As a new city dweller, the weight in selection is exciting.) The Lykki Li show at The Phoenix Theatre on May 22nd is one I'm leaning towards. In comparison to her debut with Youth Novels, the new album clings to darker moods and, at times, droning vocals. However, her explorations as an artist keep things interesting, as she sways from the quirky, experimental pop that seems to be rooting itself in the pop culture stream. (Little Boots, Oh Land, Robyn, etc.) At this point, Wounded Rhymes is respect without the thrills for me. A live performance and Lykki Li has my curiosity, still. The deal-maker? Montreal electra-pawp experimenter and songstress, Grimes, is slated to open the show. Coos and double accents, it's to be an evening of curious clatter a la femme.  Above– a bit of Grimes for me and for you.

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