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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some East Coast Sentiment

  I circled the Halifax Farmers' Market this afternoon and slurped down a heavy dose of sentiment with my strawberry smoothie. Toronto-life has been a seed in my brain for some time now, but it's only within the last week that plans have properly formed. And here, in the light crowds of our city market, the notions of farewell came over quick. (A "see you later" in a less dramatic moment.)

 We all have times when thoughts and plans distract from living as present. I admit, the last few months I've lacked zeal for city-life mischief. My trip to the market was with a friend from out of town, a foodie, who made several points to ogle over the building's general savoir faire. It was a shake and wake at justttt the right time.

 Why so wonderful? Besides a jackpot of locally produced fare, the Seaport Farmers' Market is a front-seat in sustainable design. The living green wall is plush and with purpose– and requires a closer look. With a continuum of more subtle perks to brag about, our market is a clear demonstration Halifax's commitment to community development. It translates as collective good living and forward thinking, and it comes from the steady wave of local people and businesses. This is Halifax! Hoorah.

 For the remainder of the weekend, my visitor and I spent time cooking, eating, drinking, and visiting local spots. Oh, how I will miss little nooks like The Wooden Monkey, Morris East, and Heartwood Bakery & Cafe, with their unbeatable food and servers; stores like Port of Wines and Premier, who will sit you down for a 15 minute tutorial on the tricky business of organic wine; Lost and Found and Twisted Muse, where fashion is friendly. A trip into Pete's Frootique had my foodie friend in blisters– he stocked up with specialty salts and other appropriates. (I, on the other hand am no connoisseur, and therefore cannot divulge what makes such samplings wonderful.) The isles were something of a paradise for him, coming from Saint John where the food movement is less present. (Perhaps soon to be changed...)

And so I say so-long to our coastal commune. Halifax! Thank you for the delicious food, a closet full  of threads, and some lessons in good livin'. As I continue to explore, I hold it all close to the shirt.

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