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Monday, December 22, 2008

Ode to my Fryes

In a land of the mass produced.. where manufactured ideals are simply the norm. Carbon copied bodies prance around to the sounds of the corporate drum. It seems as though the notion of "quality" has taken a backseat to 24 hour trends and candy coated marketing campaigns. Fast, easy, forgettable. Power has been placed in the hands of mass media conglomerates and bigwigs with the cash-money. They proceed to manipulate our realms of reality and brainwash us into submission. These superpowers produce a constant flux of output which, sadly, seems to fuel and make us feel whole. It is this cycle of consumerism that strips humanity of its subjectivity and visceral qualities. We become expendable, buyable, amenable, passive, ... pawns.

So during this day in age... when "Quality over Quantity" is an obscure breed, where can we find solace? Where can we turn to for an escape from the cheap tricks? To me... there is a true sense of a reward in the ownership of a quality produced garment. Whether it is a top grade fabric, hand stitched lining, or unique embroidery detailing.. it is the simple but effective particulars that offer an element of truth. It is an investment towards an extension of me; a degree of creative expression; an emotional key holder. Of course, it still comes down to a formula of money making and we are still consumers; however, there is an undeniable integrity apparent when good craftsmanship is involved. Just as one tries to better themselves through lifestyle choices, furthered education, career moves - a well made piece of clothing reads as another method in bettering yourself. Don't get me wrong, I certainly do not believe that material items are the answer to life's problems. (Although a shopping spree on net-a-porter would certainly stir some serotonin) But an investment in a good quality garment can go a long way. Its like eating organic; being mindful towards what you are putting onto your body, treating yourself well, and feeling good about wearing something that has goes beyond just being a marketable product. A quality piece stems from a source of integrity and a deeper sense of awareness.Vision.

So I slip on a pair of contoured stacked leather heel Frye Engineer boots, and all is as it should be. A cloud lifts. Harps sound. Lips curl. Maybe its just me -- but rocking footwear that is not only structurally an amazing boot, but is also made by a company that has been on the go since 1863 and outfitted soldiers of the Civil War --- is pretty f^cking dope. These boots are more than just quality leather. They are the blood, sweat, and tears of the original man, John A. Frye, whose vision has carried on for over a hundred years. Frye's leather products continue to be benchcrafted from the finest full grain leather uppers with genuine leather and premium rubber soles. Beginning at a time of societal hardship and distress, Frye has delivered a quality brand that remains timeless through the years.

Ode to my Fryes. A modern ailment during a time of one stop shopping and cashing in. It is an escape from the cheap trends and a reminder of traditional work ethic and quality wear. A name that stays true to its roots and creates a product out of knowledge, integrity, and passion. Cool beans, if you ask me.

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