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Monday, August 30, 2010

Film Feature: On The Road

Details on the adaptation of Jack Kerouac's On The Road are taming my skeptic side for a few reasons. First off, whenever there's a Coppola is involved, integrity and intent are sure. He's owned the rights since 1979, and Francis Ford Coppola has reworked and shelved this project many times– its 31 years later that the project will finally come to life. Meanwhile, Brazilian director, Walter Salles (Motorcycle Diaries, To Each His Own Cinema) has taken preparatory measures of his own by road tripping across the United States on the same route as Kerouac and his beatnik follies-- a trip that will take its own life in a separate documentary.

 Secondly, the film brings a gracefully lit cast. Viggo Mortenson as Lee (character based on William Burroughs) is an interesting choice, and we'll get to see a more debaucherous side to the steady and stoic tone Mortenson plays so well. Sam Riley is a great choice for Sal Paradis (Jack Kerouac), and based on his portrayal of Ian Curtis in Control, the spirit of a shaken soul is within his range. Lady sidekicks are to include Kirstin Dunst, Amy Adams, and Kristin Stewart-- all decent choices in my books. (Twilight aside)

 The literary mastery and autobiographical journey of Kerouac and the Beats brought to life? If anything, the film can return some authenticity to the hipster with historical merit and the background of where it all began. (And how timely, just as American Apparel descends into bankruptcy.) On a side note, who has the rights to Naked Lunch? What a thought: I imagine Clockwork Orange meets Pink Floyd's The Wall.... hmm. Perhaps one best kept under covers.


  1. I cannot wait. But I would have hoped they would be more imaginative in the lady side kick department...unknowns perhaps...

  2. Agreed 100%. No-names are almost always better.. especially in a bio pic type situation! Hmm.. here's hoping, though. Thanks for popping by. :-)