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Friday, July 9, 2010

New Wave Psychedelics

Attended Independence Eve last weekend at The Seahorse in Halifax. The event was a 3 band pile-up with a common denominator of heavier gears; each group with its own instrumental fusing, the general vibe was one of psychedelic jams to rock socks. 

  Major / Minor impressed with impeccably clean technicality. Seven minute songs rifted towards subconscious states while undoubted presence prevailed. Hmm? The mix of spontaneity and instrumental control was super.

 A friend described The Total Camble Experience as "Tool meets Nintendo". Pretty accurate descriptor, as TCE worked the crowd by lacing electro methods into a heavier framework. As I listened, I wondered if another New Wave diagnosis is in order. For me, the electro sub-genre itself has lost its excitement when played alone– the mixing of metal works well. An overall solid show; here's hoping that such bands will keep doing what they're doing... I think this niche is a good one.

Oh. And the third band. Apologies, but a veggie wrap and a good night's sleep were calling my name. (Perhaps too much vodka as well) I'm sure Shelter With Thieves were great (if they were the closing performance in such great company) and will catch them next time. The best show I've seen in a while, check out Major / Minor and The Total Camble Experience on MySpace if you feel so inclined.

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