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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Art Topic: Elizabeth Peyton


Nothing gifts the creative mind quite like the backdrop of a rainy day. My own Sunday of passing provided such trickling tones, and as it turns out, would become more of a viewing party than anything. Amongst the scrolling of picks was one fabulous Marc Jacobs documentary via You Tube. (Thanks, Ben.) It was a taste of the deconstructing process and utter cool of MJ to leave me with lots to think about.

 Elizabeth Peyton made a brief appearance. Both a personal source of inspiration for Marc and a provider of portraiture at large, Peyton's work challenges the impenetrable notion of celebrity to bring forth a more honest, human reveal. Loose and uninhibited, her work reveals cultural icons of the Lennon, Cobain and Bowie sort. There is an inwards glance that works wonder amongst viewers.

 Peyton's appearance in the documentary takes place in her modest NYC abode, as she serves up water in wine glasses for herself and the unseen interviewer. The two stand in the kitchen and the artist swirls off romanticized insight on Marc and his grip on culture. Hair aloof; androgyny appears to be of natural descent; she has the voice of a story teller –– I cannot help but hold onto every word. Peyton's soft and curious mannerisms provide a narrative intrigue, and this short but sweet cameo has set some appeal beyond the canvas. I'd like to think Peyton will extend her artistry into the realms of pod-casting and audiobooks.... just a thought.

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