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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fashionably Late at Bishops Landing

Last Friday evening’s invitation came a little too conveniently. Tea, treats, and a shopping excursion? Now there’s a proper love triangle. Joining a few fellow bloggers at Bishop’s Landing‘s Fashionably Late event was the perfect opportunity to suss out the area and meet some new folks.

We started the evening at Café Ristretto for warm bevies and introductions. The shopping portion of the night consisted of $50 each and a secret santa draw. I chose the name of vibrant artist and personality, Shelagh Duffett. It became clear I was on the right track when every shop I hit, Shelagh meandered into shortly after. We both seemed to enjoy One Stop Wood Shop with its eclectic carvings and art. I selected 2 birch vases made from Hurricane Earl roughage as part of my gift, although the wooden cutting boards were tough to pass by. (Alas, Shelagh picked one up as her gift.) This spot wowed me with its extremely affordable items and charm.

Turbine was another lovely stop, with owner/designer Lisa Drader-Murphy serving up pink bubbly to her shoppers. Rich fabric and lots of lustre– nighttime’s relaxed lighting made it all the more enjoyable. Styles here seem both fun and refined, and well suited to the professional lady with an edge. Maybe thats me, as I am now the proud owner of Turbine’s signature belt, courtesy of Renée, the Fiesty Chef. (Thanks Renée!)

Visiting Frida Fine Jewelry was more about curiosity than a secret santa mission. Fresh from New Glasgow, this place is a hotbed of high end, exclusive designs. Distressed metals, stones, and polished silver pieces intermingled beautifully. “Cleopatra” style necklaces in all extravagance only complimented the tamer jewel selections. Lovely! But sorry Shelagh, a bit out of range for today. I spent the remainder of my cash at Bishop’s Cellar. The staff is always so assured and I consistently leave confident I’ve got a good drink. A nice medium bodied red did the trick.

For those still on the holiday hunt, there will be another Fashionably Late event this Friday, with late night hours. Bishop Landing’s holiday spirit is gracefully placed amongst specialty shops and fine dining. I left with a fabulous new accessory and a little extra holiday spirit!

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