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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Men in Milan

Androgyny is upon us, but this time in a less explored form– this ain't no Aggy Deyn. Designers from Gucci to Jill Sanders have illuminated flares of femininity amongst recent menswear collections that stretch beyond the standard murse. High waisted belting, floral patterns, chest bearing scoop necks, short-shorts and high volume knits are all amongst Milan's sea of runway wonders.

 With's steady flow of updates, my inbox has been the provider of many lusts. My particular favoured pieces lack the more obvious femme, but the themes are evident. Marni and Iceburg deliver floaty and whimsical in fresh yet classic ways.–– See some styles – in which I would undoubtedly dream of sporting myself– below:

(1. Iceburg; 2. Iceburg; 3. Marni; 4. Marni; 5. Alexander McQueen; 6. Trussardi 1911)

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