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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Electro Tidings

Sleigh Bells is Brooklyn's latest electro duo, and I'm enjoying their sound. Abrasive beats are paired beside gentle yet snarly female vocals– and it works. There is an intellectualized electro formula here that takes this band beyond typical territory. Sound comparisons include an Americana type M.I.A with hits of Karen O. This album is hyperactive with thorough dynamics.

I'd had it with Crystal Castles, casting them deep down into the archives of itune exile. Their recent album really surprised me, as who knew their strictly debauch electro was capable of expansion. (And of semi sobriety?) The new self-titled album portrays a more polished perspective and a refining of their traditional sound. Still with layered coos and raptured beats, Crystal Castles pulls it together and brings something new to the table.

 The xx have made their way onto my longevity list. Soft, romantic and gentle sounds... its lo-fi to uplift. This quiet threesome are just a few skater kids stumbling into mass fame. Huge record sales and international inquiry are just the beginning, but the band is all about privacy. In the April issue of Dazed & Confused, the band gives a rare and intimate interview with Tim Noakes, proving they're not your typical starlets. Buy their album, its one for the records.


  1. Ok... that xx tune is simply beautiful.

    All of your picks this week have a tidy, updated, 'shoegazer' vibe - which is so very refreshing to hear for an old fart like me.

    As with any genre of music, there is just so much crap one must dig through to find the gems... thanks for these, Laura. :)

  2. Aw Pete, you're kind. The xx are fantastic, that whole album rocks my socks.

    And thanks for the interest... :) Just notice your blog as well. On my way over for a peek!