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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Only recently have I come to discover the greatness of Beirut. Its nice when you can stumble upon a band somewhat unknowingly– without the media buzz and latest promotional efforts gnawing at your ear.

  With Beirut, sounds of East and West intertwine to define a very particular sound. Influences of jazz, French film and European culture appear authentically alongside pop synth and folk charm– all in addition to an exceptionally vast pastiche of musical instruments. (Accordion, ukelele, air powered organ, violins, cellos, mandolin, ETC.) The end result is rich and plentiful discography. The albums vary from one another, showing growth, dimension and new explorations.

  Above are two tracks from Zach Condon's (Beirut) early work, "The Joys of Losing Weight". At just 15 years old, Condon recorded this album but never officially released it. And it only gets better from here...

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