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Monday, January 4, 2010

Rodarte.. for the Fellas

In the perfect world, 1 out of 5 girls would have their very own piece of Rodarte. (got to maintain some degree of balance..) Also in the perfect world: one fine day, out of the blue, one's boy/ man friend pulls out his very own Rodarte knit from underneath the closet cobwebs. And the fog lifts [birds chirp], as you may now rest assure that its love inside and out. A high five to follow and a happily ever after.

For those not stifled by cash flow, this could now be a reality via Opening Ceremony .

Thoughts? Do the boys like? Or just a perfect world kind of scenario? I am liking the sisters' continuation into menswear. And the entire head to knee styled look (above) for that matter. Could be the beginning of a beautiful/ unhealthy relationship.


  1. ...oh what a perfect world that would be!

    they remind me a bit of mark fast's knits - topshop did some decent-ish copies this season - but the loose knit get caught in everything :-(

    but if the bf had one of these, i would definitely 'borrow' it!

  2. Hey Karen. You raise a good point with the functionality of the loose knit-ness. Maybe more wearable towards a fellow who is ultra careful 'n controlled in real life situations. Perhaps a germaphobe or a librarian type? And I guess outdoor hikes in the woods (all those twigs and burdocks) are out of the question.

    Hehe. Maybe more of a look/ dream piece. Quite incredible though what those sisters can come up with. Love their approach to design.