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Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Year, New Album, New Love

Carried by soft, gentle grace and the element of surprise, Charlotte Gainsbourg's IRM is a splendid way to begin the new year. From start to finish, each song plays like a perfectly wrapped present with an equally perfect reveal....

Produced by Beck, this is a collaboration fits just right. Gainsbourg is captivating in the way of demure and thoughtful elegance; she is someone you fall in love with simply by the way they speak and move. Combining such presence with Beck's veteran skill paves the way towards something wicked and wonderful. Ghostly callings are matched with acoustic strings, electro grooves and African drum beats; rich melodies meet orchestral backdrops, playful hums, and harder edged moments. It is a heavily integrated body of sound that translates as a truly original work and the most intimate album since Bat for Lashes' Two Suns.

Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck portray a fleeting journey through fresh and thoughtful eyes. A good way to begin the new year...

Favourite Tracks:

Time of the Assassins
Trick Pony

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  1. this sounds amazing - i'm going to go out and order it NOW!