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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pondering "The Balance"

   The Balance. Its a constant focus and refocus for us humans of contemporary Western Culture. Finding that safe in the world can be difficult. Within the interconnectedness of it all, we've got spools of designated information hitting us from every direction-- carefully constructed images, ideals and societal norms latch on to us, crowding the mind and skewing our sense of true to self.

  As the times move forward, there seems to be little to no disconnect between ourselves and the incoming. For every ounce of freedom & accessibility gifted by the modern day, there's a hundred times the force ready to swoop down, capitalize and control. (Increasing copyright laws anyone?) Maintaining individualistic lifestyles of clarity can require a certain sense of "awareness", as to not get sucked into this calculated feed of antics. There seems to be a common struggle amongst our ability to stay innately human and the ongoing advances of our times. It is a clash of the very nature of humanity and the mechanized methods of today.

  And so we find ourselves with a constant need to re-center-- shift-- "find balance". Collectively, we seek rituals, routines, techniques to provide that necessary lift-- making us feel real and good again. Health and wellness trends have sky rocketed over the last few years. Yoga class. Meditation. Holistic nutrition & lifestyle have really caught on. Why? Its because we are stressed out of minds. Great that we are taking precautions and educating ourselves on the preventative medicinal approach... but could our attempts in normalcy, perhaps, be in vain? Seems more like an ongoing buffering process rather than the much sought "balance". A hampster wheel comes to mind... round and round and round... and all for what?

  I think that its good we still recognize the need for solace in the busy/busy life & times. We aren't officially zombies. Sweet. But the question is: Can we take it further? How can we, on a large scale, take a few steps forward and restore the natural instinct sort of vibe to the world. Think long term global change. Cutting out some of the noise, saying NO THANKS, having an opinion, and not relying on Wikipedia for [all] the answers is a start. Lets get to the root of the problem instead of just getting by... so we won't have to try so hard at being happy. Get back to real life instead of finding the cure. Put down the self help book. Use the brain. Consistency and human flow above this backwards attempt at staying "balanced."

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