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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rainy Day and a Mind Haze

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  Rainy days come with quiet comfort. The idea of puttering around the house in an awkward ensemble of the stretch material variety is justified. For me, rainy days bring an eclectic collaboration of clothing and hair mistakes that I could not exhibit otherwise. I might describe my own day to day style as "little to the left", as I tend to prefer a tad of dishevelment, a little chaos and a pinch of awkward when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. I do declare this method of styling the 'Side Ponytail Complex'.

   The 'Side Ponytail Complex' pertains to the aversion of straight back ponytails; the need to create an unparalleled notion of aesthetic disorder. One who feels the obligation to kick the pony to the left and bring that certain flare of randomness into their personal style may or may not suffer from this complex. Reoccurring side pony tails, mismatched earrings, weird hats, angular haircuts, menswear, and the tendency for layering are all symptoms.

  And so when a good rainy day rolls around... it's all about overindulgence. Jersey gaucho pants (remember them??) with thick black leg warmers, a multicolored bag that is actually a shirt, completed with a samurai bun and questionable head piece. (I've been doing turbans lately.)
Because, why not? To me, excessive and odd combinations are liberating. Whether its ridiculous frockery around the house or just shifting that pony sideways, an indirect connection to the statement: "I do what I want" is relayed.

  While its not the most direct form of rebellion, it is a step in the right direction. Cookie cutter trends are a significant feature in today's [consumer] culture. In the recent issue of i-D, Franscesco Vezzoli speaks with Miucca Prada about the dynamism of the media: "You go out onto the street, switch on a computer, open a magazine, and you are bombarded, consciously and unconsciously, by countless images that only invite you to seduce and be seduced." says Vezzoli. (i-D Magazine, No. 298)

   So when bigwigs within companies within industries within industries who merge business with other industries are paying top dollar to design the desirable, it becomes even more crucial that we are able to hear our own voices. To provide outgoing amongst the incoming. I am using style/ fashion as an example because its one of the most prominent fixtures within the media, however the concept applies across the board. Too often do we take the word of "professionals" above our own, absorbing what is projected on us without question. Through personal style or otherwise, its part of a mindset that serves as a method of survival in modern times... or maybe... just an excuse to be weird on a rainy day.


* Featured picture is a work of magnificent Guy Bourdin.

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