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Thursday, May 28, 2009


  I could never quite get into the whole Vampire Weekend thing... but have recently stumbled upon a Radiohead cover of theirs for Exit Music (For a Film) that I do enjoy. I know what you are thinking... it might be along the lines of "gross" or "don't touch that" or maybe just a straight up "Radiohead 4 life". I couldn't agree more; please note that I am approaching this from a standpoint that attempts no actual comparison of the cover to the original. Because that would be just plain silly! Radiohead is untouchable. [clearly] Onwards...

 This cover is -- well-- I can't help but like it. It offers some interesting range within the instrumentals and a layered, up-down-up tempo that pays homage to Radiohead. (Without sounding too copycat.) A balance of optimism and playfulness brings a satirical sense to the song, as the band clarifies that by no means are they attempting to regurgitate an already perfect song. I see respect for the original song and inspiration from the original artist and an innovative twist. VW brings a quirky, off kilter and experimental flow to the table. Worth a listen.

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