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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Apparat + Modeselektor = yes.

I can HARDLY contain my excitement.

Two of Berlin's finest acts --- Apparat and Modeselektor --- are (re)collaborating on an album under the very appropriate band title, Moderat. BPitch Control releases the record on April 22nd (days!) ... I am so very curious and await bountiful treasures.

Apparat's 2006 album Orchestra of Bubbles with Ellen Allien set the intrigue for me, as who can resist such subtle haunts and those pensively fueled ambient BEATS? Its the kind of sound that eases in and just takes over. Effortlessly. Any type of music that allows one to completely loose oneself within.. is a truly magnificent thing. Apparat is just this.

As for Modeselektor, I could be biased since it was Thom Yorke who expressed praise. And lets face it, I would completely drink the kool aid if Thom suggested it were a good idea. Jokes aside, Modeselektor is a mastamind. Perhaps more of a full-frontal type sound, the collaboration should bring an interesting balance.

Drink the kool-aid: [its good]

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