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Thursday, January 22, 2009


  "You've got to turn yourself on. If you're not turned on by what you're doing, there's no point."
                         - Corno (Zinc Magazine; 2008)

    I was paging through my Spring/Summer issue of Zinc and came across a feature on the work of Quebec born artist, Joanne Corno. Electric colors and erotic contours are shouting at me... and I like it. And so I am instantly reminded as to why the page has been folded and bookmarked with three sticky tabs and a plastic bread bag. (?)

   Corno's work is a celebration of human form, movement and the intimacy of emotion. Each one of her life size canvas' hold an incredible sense of energy, unveiling a raw and sporadic state of being.  She seems to capture the glorious rush of  instant gratification-- that intoxicating charge of pleasure that holds one particular moment. 

   Many of us spend our entire lives hashing and rehashing a route to the infinite plane of pleasure. In a self-help book infected world, we've got prepackaged formulas for a million feel-good mantras. Corno bypasses the premeditated jargon, strips us of all accessories and delivers the flood of emotion in its truest form.  

For more info on Corno and her work, visit her website here.

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  1. ooo - pretty pictures! You should post some of your own pictures - I bet they're lovely!